The Development of Vertical Carousel for the Logistics Industry

As an important system in the logistics industry, QDITC Intelligent Vertical Carousel can improve system operation efficiency, reduce personnel labor intensity, avoid project construction risks, endow system scenario intelligence, enhance human-machine collaboration, and weaken interface operation difficulty. The intelligent revolving warehouse has always been the most primitive demand in the market to create an automated warehousing system with highly integrated information, auxiliary analysis and decision-making, and efficient operation, It is also the direction for the continuous advancement of automated warehousing systems.


In terms of technological innovation, the arrival of 5G provides a new development opportunity for the construction of the Internet of Things with intelligent rotary libraries. The consistent transportation of goods units and the full traceability of product lifecycle will become possible. And artificial intelligence has given rise to deeper levels of intelligence in automated warehousing systems. At present, through the construction of big data and cloud platforms, an expert decision-making system has taken shape, and visual recognition and 3D image scanning technology have become more casual and simple in handling logistics processes. The personnel scheduling system and positioning trajectory processing technology are becoming increasingly mature, and the system's ability to predict and allocate resources is significantly enhanced. At the level of soft power construction in intelligent assembly, intelligent scheduling, and intelligent supply chain, corresponding technological achievements have also been achieved. It can be said that the intelligent construction of automatic warehousing systems is on the way, and the future is no longer far away.

In terms of advanced technology, the high-quality logistics talent team has significantly improved its acceptance of new technologies and knowledge, enabling the application of a large number of advanced technologies. The construction direction of the intelligent revolving warehouse system has shifted from conservative to innovative levels. The decision-making idea of planning first and data first has been implemented, and the preliminary demonstration and research have increased compared to the construction cycle of the project. The introduction of VR technology makes the system design more intuitive and easier for customers to understand and compare. Due to the software architecture of cloud platform mobile terminals, AR technology in the field of logistics systems has emerged. In the later stage of system operation and maintenance, operators can quickly carry out daily maintenance or troubleshooting of devices based on the prompts of terminals or wearable devices, reducing the difficulty of system operation and the number of subsequent operation and maintenance personnel through technical means, and weakening the professional knowledge requirements for operators, The system usage cost is also relatively reduced.

In terms of industry applications, intelligent manufacturing, industrial upgrading, and basic investment construction are still hot areas for the development of automated warehousing systems. In addition, civil aviation, ships, automobiles, and corresponding advanced manufacturing enterprises will face strong market demand. In addition, the rapid advancement of the military civilian integration strategy will also promote the development of automated warehousing systems in the defense technology sector.

In terms of logistics equipment, due to the establishment of a heavy asset operation model, equipment tends to be more flexible and intelligent. Equipment can be split and reassembled based on system operation, or expanded online to improve the suitability of the system for different job states. The application of single item separation equipment is also imperative for the sorting of massive parcels in express delivery.

In short, the development and innovation of intelligent vertical carousel storage and intelligent logistics will fully bloom. In addition to the progress in the above aspects, many other changes should also be paid attention to.


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