Vertical Smart AS/RS

Vertical Smart AS/RS is a small automated three-dimensional warehouse using material boxes as carriers.



Class 100 cleanliness,Nitrogen charging,Humidity,and so on

Performance Description:

ØHigh capacity, high-density automated storage system, fully utilizing warehouse space, up to 12m;

ØThe robot can achieve high-speed horizontal or vertical movement to quickly access various storage locations;

ØAccurate prompt of goods arrival, ultra high efficiency;

ØImplement real-time parallel scheduling of robots to achieve high throughput;

Ø With the material box as the minimum storage unit, the load can reach up to 50kg;

ØMultiple workstations can be configured to support simultaneous picking/replenishment;

ØThe workbench can be connected to an extended conveyor belt, enabling multiple people to operate simultaneously;

ØSuitable for various storage and sorting applications, such as pharmaceutical distribution, e-commerce, manufacturing, etc.


1. Fully automated operation, achieving a "goods to people" logistics storage method, making storage and retrieval of items faster

2. Make full use of space height to improve the utilization rate of ground space

3. Can achieve networked management and improve response time

4. With better security protection function

5. The equipment is fully enclosed, which can effectively avoid the invasion of dust and sunlight

6. Multi level password management function for more convenient management

7. First in, first out function ensures that materials do not "expire"

8. Multiple operation modes including single machine manual, automatic, and online automatic

9. The cabinet is more sturdy and has stronger load-bearing capacity

10. Compact structure, suitable for storing items with significant differences in size and specifications, and low power consumption

11. Automatic cargo space optimization and organization to avoid partial loading

12. Servo control during the motion process for smoother, faster, and safer operation

13. Serialized and modular design provides users with more choices and offers customized sizes

14. It can cross floors and set up pick-up ports on each floor as needed, making access more convenient and efficient


QDITC was founded in 2015 and is located at Shushan District, Hefei City,China. The main products include the integration of automated warehouse such as VLM(Vertical Lift Machine && Storage System), VCM (Vertical Carousel Machine && Storage System), VSM (Vertical Sorting Machine && Storage System),IHSM( Intelligent Horizontal Sorting Machine && Storage System), Intelligent Smart Stacking Warehouse (Smart AS/RS),  AGV/RGV, etc.

Our products are widely used in manufacturing, trade, logistics, and terminal enterprises and institutions. With the prominent advantages of "faster, more accurate, and more dense", they can save more than 90% of storage space ,and increase efficiency by 3x. They can be applied to the entire storage and zero retrieval process of manufacturing enterprise line warehouses, large capacity storage and sorting of trade enterprises, small material storage, transportation, and sorting of logistics enterprises, and can also be applied to large capacity storage, intelligent sorting ,and automate management.

Our Products have significant features of fast implementation, flexible deployment, and easy relocation, providing customers with cost-effective "storage, transportation, picking, and management" material solutions.

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