Vertical Sheet Metal Storage & System

The Vertical Sheet Metal Storage&System combines a vertical lifting structure and a horizontal push-pull structure to achieve the storage and transportation of oversized and overweight materials



1. Increase storage space, improve space utilization, and save land resources.

2. Easy construction and low cost: The sheet metal three-dimensional warehouse is made of steel structure and steel plate splicing, which makes the construction process simple, the construction speed fast, and the cost is relatively low.

3. Long service life: Steel structures and steel plates have characteristics such as high strength and corrosion resistance, which can ensure a warehouse service life of over 20 years and reduce maintenance costs in the later stage.

4. Strong protective ability: Steel structures and steel plates have waterproof, fireproof, and anti-theft characteristics, which can ensure the safety of items in the warehouse.

5. Strong flexibility: The sheet metal three-dimensional warehouse can be expanded or reduced according to needs, with strong flexibility and good adaptability.


QDITC was founded in 2015 and is located at Shushan District, Hefei City,China. The main products include the integration of automated warehouse such as VLM(Vertical Lift Machine && Storage System), VCM (Vertical Carousel Machine && Storage System), VSM (Vertical Sorting Machine && Storage System),IHSM( Intelligent Horizontal Sorting Machine && Storage System), Intelligent Smart Stacking Warehouse (Smart AS/RS),  AGV/RGV, etc.

Our products are widely used in manufacturing, trade, logistics, and terminal enterprises and institutions. With the prominent advantages of "faster, more accurate, and more dense", they can save more than 90% of storage space ,and increase efficiency by 3x. They can be applied to the entire storage and zero retrieval process of manufacturing enterprise line warehouses, large capacity storage and sorting of trade enterprises, small material storage, transportation, and sorting of logistics enterprises, and can also be applied to large capacity storage, intelligent sorting ,and automate management.

Our Products have significant features of fast implementation, flexible deployment, and easy relocation, providing customers with cost-effective "storage, transportation, picking, and management" material solutions.

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